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No need to enter 
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Contest information below
Thank you MaddLatt

Torn - Clockwork Orange - Contests

Baseball Pic - 3

Pic - 3 is the format we will be using
Pick 3 players from a common pool
who you think will have the most
 'total distance'
when all their 'Hits' are added together.
Click to enter, password is  **CO**

MaddLatt will have a list
 of players to consider to
 put in your line up for our contests. 
Also, check out How to and Game Play 
for further details. 
Every 3 CO Members that enter 
will add a random draw/random prize draw!

Below is a list of our previous winners!
Congratulations to you all!

MaddLatt's list of players 
I will have 3 of the following
 in my lineup.
List will finalize on May 30th

May 31st - CO 9

 M Olsen
M Betts
K Schwarber
A Judge
L Rengifo
J Ramirez

Make sure 
not to pick 
any players
 who's position is 
'SP' or 'RP'

Our CO Contests 
on TradeFan

CO Members! 

MaddLatt's CO's
Free Sports Contests

You will be able to win free TORN items!
No CO Contests will require
'Real Cash' ever.

Enter Our Free Contests 
you have nothing to lose!

Plus have assist page to help you

 Free Contest CO 9

May 31st
Prizes to be awarded

1st - Donator Pack
2nd - FHC
3rd - Biz Class Tic

Plus Mystery Prizes 
for Mystery Players

Password is  **CO**

Mystery Prizes!

1 Random Prize per 3 CO Entries

Random Wheel will choose CO Member
Random Wheel will choose Prize

Prizes on the Wheel 
for 5/31 Contest

LBC, BOC, Santa Shooter, 
Red Crown, beer,
Senet Board, NSX, Sierra,
Silver Ring, SED,
Sm Suitcase, hammer,
Jaw Breaker, Kisses, 
X-mas, Xanax, 
1 Million Torn Dollars

CO Baseball 8 - Top Three Finishers!

1st Place 

Prize - FHC
Final Score - 1468.64

2nd Place 

Prize - 2 eDVD's
Final Score - 1225.17

3rd Place 

Prize - 3 Xanax
Final Score - 1178.84

Mystery Prize - Winner 1

Player - Loser12321
Prize - X-mas

Leaderboard 8

Mystery Prize  - Winner 2

Player - MaddLatt
Prize - Kisses

Random Prize and Player Selection
Coming soon!

In the near future, I will be positing the video for the random prizes and players chosen.
Any questions please let me know. MaddLatt    


MaddLatt has been a player with TradeFan, for the past few years.
I have never made a deposit at the site.
Looking for ways to make the site better and more fun.
If you ever have any questions or feedback, please contact 'MaddLatt'